Gymkhana Bar Packs

The World Famous "GYMKHANA SUSPENSION" sold only by AMX Enterprises, Ltd.

In the history of AMC aftermarket and reproduction parts, NO PRODUCT has satisfied buyers more - than the Gymkhana Suspension Sway Bar Pak from AMX Enterprises, Ltd. We have had a whopping 100% SATISFACTION rate on sales of over 300 bar paks since 1975! 100%! This product WORKS and customers will tell you that with high performance tires and the Gymkhana Suspension Bar Pak, your AMX or Javelin will feel and handle LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CAR! Yup, that's what they say - and they are right. Buyers will also agree, this sway bar package should have been standard on the 1968, 69, 70 AMX and optional on V-8 Javelins. Yet the only cars that AMC slod with a complete front and rear sway bar package were station wagons (optional and few had this option), the 1970 Rebel Machine and the 1979 and 1980 Spirit AMX. (And AMX Enterprises was the reason AMC finally made a front and rear sway bar package standard on the 1979 Spirit AMX after Dick Teague got to drive Larry Mitchell's 1969 Red Rocket AMX one Sunny day in 1976 when Larry visited Dick at his office on Plymouth Road in Detroit. Dick was so impressed with the handling of Larry's AMX that he had the Engineering Department on Plymouth Road put Larry's AMX on a lift to look it over. Then Dick pressed AMC to install a front and rear package on the new, 1979 Spirit AMX as standard equipment and was successful!)

For years, ADDCO in Florida has made and sold bars for the AMX and Javelin. But the rear bar is of a very poor design that Larry could not get Roland De Marcellus, the owner, to redesign in 1972. The trouble with the ADDCO bar is in how it mounts to the AMC frame on the underside of the car. It uses 2 3/8-inch holes in the light steel frame and a small u-bolt. After only a few days of fun driving, the u-bolt will "can-opener" through the rather thin sheet metal of the frame and the bar will literally rip out on one side of its mounting. If you buy a sway bar package from any AMC hobby vendor other than AMX Enterprises - this is the bar you still get, 30 years later. Dangerous, to say the least. Do you want to be having fun with your AMX and in a corner on an express ramp, have the rear bar rip out and your car go out-of-control? No good.

Working with another company who built sway bars in 1975, Larry and the company redesigned the rear bar so that it mounts in a completely different way. The new rear bar mounts with 2 3/8-inch bolts that require 2 holes drilled into the frame straight across the frame rail, parallel to the ground and on AMXs, the bolt passes through the 1/2- inch Torque Link Bracket that AMC welded inside of the frame rail to hold the Torque Links in place. This is overkill as there has never been a documented case since 1975 with this bar pak used on a Javelin where the bolts ever have ripped out! This new Gymkhana Suspension Type II bar pack has been used on AMC SCCA racecars in Solo II racing AND by ALL the AMXs that have ever raced the famed Silver State Challenge Open Road Race in Nevada since 1988! At speeds on an American 2-lane highway of OVER 200mph! Tony Zamisch used the AMX Enterprises Gymkhana Suspension Type II bar pak on his AMC World Record 1970 Mark Donohue Javelin known as the "Great White Shark" at speeds OVER 200 mph on radar in 1995!

Now, you do not have to have an AMX or Javelin that is a racecar to enjoy the benefits of modern handling. Face it, most ALL modern cars built today have had a front and rear sway bar package from the factory. Toyota 4-doors have them as well as Buicks, Volvos and Hondas! Your AMX or Javelin is WAY behind the times without the front and rear sway bar system offered here by AMX Enterprises since 1972. The AMX has 29-degrees of roll side-to-side in a sweeping corner. Modern cars have less than 15-degrees and performance versions like the GT Mustangs and Shelby's have less than 8-degrees. Yes, some modern cars now use a version of what is called "Active Suspension" that may not even use sway bars anymore, just shocks and suspension parts controlled by instant computer action. But we who own the Classic older cars do not have that option. And even though we still have a live rear axle on springs which is considered by most auto fans today to be "out dated", I might add that the 2010 Mustang GT as a DEAD STOCK, production line vehicle with a live rear axle like our AMC cars- pulled an incredible 1 full G in corners in a magazine test a short while back. The testing magazine was stunned! And that is NOT a high po version of the new Mustang V-8 GT, but every new 2010 and up Mustang GT you pass every day on the streets and roads of America! EVERY ONE. And on dead stock OEM tires! (Pirellis) So, there is MAJOR room for improvement on your Classic AMX or Javelin. And the winning combination is the Gymkhana Suspension Type II Sway Bar Package ONLY SOLD IN THE WHOLE WORLD by AMX Enterprises, Ltd/Larry Mitchell. But be aware, the more high performance your tires, the better the handling will be. If you use a mediocre tire (like an "S" or "T" rated tire), your handling will be improved , but not as good as with a "V" or a "Z" rated serious performance tire. Shop carefully!

Larry developed the major improvement in the early 1970s when having fun in the Chicago area with low and high speed autocrossing. And refined it when he and Linda moved to Denver, Colorado in 1981. The Gymkhana Suspension Type II sway bar pack made all the difference of losing back then by coming in 4th, 5th and worse with a stock AMX with modern radial performance tires - to 3rd, 2nd and even 1st places! And for those who go back that far, Larry won with his 1969 Red Rocket AMX at an autocross held during the Classic AMX Club and American Motors Owners Association Joint National Convention circa 1979 at the AMC Burlington Test Track where 30 AMC cars had fun running their cars on a course set up for autocrossing. Larry was Fastest Time of the Day with his 69 AMX and 3rd overall FTD with his 1967 Rogue convertible with a 360 V-8 and the American version of the Gymkhana Suspension back then. And as Meatloaf has said, "two out of three - ain't bad!"

The Bar Pack is in stock and available right now and will be for a few more years until Larry fully retires. You get a custom 1 1/8- inch front bar rated at 435-inch pounds (stock on an AMX or Javelin is 225-inch pounds and 7/8 0 inch.) The rear bar is the AMX Enterprises EXCLUSIVE design available from no one else in the world and rated at 230-inch pounds which gives near neutral balance front-to-rear on an AMX or a Javelin. Perfect near neutral in corners just like modern cars. Anti-rip-out rear bar design that is now angled up for rear clearance for modern lower profile tires (if you want). And I remind you, you DO NOT have to have a "racecar" to own this package. It has been standard on many modern 4-door passenger cars for over 20 years! And, all hardware to mount the system is new and supplied with the kit. New for 2011 are now caged, super high performance poly bushings front and rear.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Shipping via Fed-Ex Ground. Requires a new, over-sized large box. Price has not changed in 20 years! $400 for the complete front and rear kit with new, performance hardware and a standard $50 shipping via FedEx anywhere cont. USA. Only available for the 1968, 69 AMX and Javelin and the 1970 AMX and 1970 thru 1974 Javelin and Javelin AMXs. Please specify what year and model when ordering.

For the 1970 AMX and the 1970 thru 1974 Javelin and Javelin AMX, AMX Enterprises has a limited number of a rare item that improves handling even more on these AMC cars because it dramatically reduces front-end dive under hard braking. These are a pair of new Super High Performance Hi-pressure ADJUSTABLE gas front (only) shocks! Originally made and sold by Gabriel in Canada and discontinued in 1993, these are shocks made for (not a cross over shock used by other cars and sold for the AMC application!) the 1970 and up AMX and Javelins. AMX Enterprises bought out the last of the worldwide stock in 1993 and offers them as an option for your 1970 AMX and 1970 and up Javelins as A super Street Package. If ordered with a bar pack, these shocks that originally sold for $75 each are only $50 each, or $100 more making the Super Street bar pack $500 with $50 shipping. (Please note, these shocks come WITHOUT the hardware and you must use your existing hardware from the shocks you now have or buy a cheap pair of new front shocks and just use the hardware that came with them. Since high pressure gas ADJUSTABLE (Regular, Firm and XL Firm settings) are no longer available for the 1970-up AMX or Javelins, and we are selling you a set for $50 less than you could have bought them new in 1993, you have the extra savings to do this.)

You also get with your bar pak the AMC Handling Guide. Written by SCCA Solo II West Coast winner Chuck Smiley about his 1974 401 Hornet using the Gymkhana Suspension Sway Bar Pak from AMX Enterprises and Larry Mitchell, the AMC Hobby handling Expert for over 40 years! About 60 pages long and it covers wheels, tires, shocks to improve your AMX or Javelin and driving techniques with pictures and diagrams and charts.

Get into modern handling with a World Famous AMX Enterprises, Ltd Gymkhana Suspension Sway Bar pack or 1970-up Super Street Pak TODAY! You don't need a race car to enjoy better handling from your AMX and Javelin than AMC ever gave you!

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